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Spiritual Healing is strongly practised in Spiritualist Churches, whether these be Spiritualist National Union, Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association, Christian Spiritualist Society or Independent Spiritualist Churches.  All trainee  healers have to undergo two years of training under supervision of two registered healers [whose bona fides are  rigorously checked] and have to be accredited and also adhere to a code of conduct, which is mandatory at all times.

It is a misnomer to call Spiritual Healing, faith healing.

Now to the nature of Spiritual healing.  It falls within natural recognition that each person has three intertwined aspects.  Body, Mind and Spirit [or Soul].  The spirit is the core essence of the living person that continues to live, after the body has ceased to function, in death.  It is the motivating force behind the body and mind and has a directing influence over one’s own being and nature.  It is the part of ones self that has an affinity with the Creative Force, God which spiritualist’s call, Great Universal Spirit.

When we pass on into the next realm, people who maintain an interest in the welfare of people here on earth, can direct help, including medical healing help, to us.  By processes not known or understood by the earthly mind, healing methods [energies] can be directed to an earthly inhabitant, which then activate the in-borne healing powers of the body that reside within it and the motivating spirit of the person.

During ‘contact’ healing, the healing intention flows from spirit, through the spirit of the healer [channel] to the spirit of the recipient.

Spiritual Healing acts upon the whole person, body, mind and spirit, not just the body.  With Spiritual Healing, there is no physical intervention, no tablets, no hypnosis, no mental invasion and no given diagnosis, but it will create a feeling of calm that eases away stress and tense emotion, which in our busy world we all need to savour.  Spiritual healers give of their time freely, they never instruct and will in particular, wish to co-operate with your medical and/or complimentary practitioners and not override their skills and advice.

The procedure is very simple when one observes the process.  There is no complex ritual, no waving of arms and hands, loud invocation or physical manipulation.  There is on behalf of the healer a simple request to Spirit for help, in such a way as may be needed.  The simplest prayer, within ones self, is merely “PLEASE” with no complexities.  The Universal Spirit knows the problem and the need, before it is mentioned.  The healer merely channels the energy for spiritual action.

I hope that this article has helped in at least a small way, for the reader to understand more.  If you the reader has any questions still, then please email and we will endeavour to help.  Many thanks for visiting this page.

Healing is by request.

Everyone is welcome to attend for healing at the church.  There is NO CHARGE.

If you feel that you are in need of healing just tell us as you enter, or after the service.

Absent Healing

If you know of someone who needs healing but cannot attend in person then let us know and we will arrange for absent healing to be sent to them. Also we have a Healing Book which we ask you to write any one who you think is in need, and their names will be read out at the Healing Time,in the church.

Portland Spiritualist Church.

We have dedicated trained Healers at PORTLAND SPIRITUALIST CHURCH.

If you have never tried Spiritual Healing just let me say there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  It is a wonderful experience.  Just sit back and relax. Everything is confidential.  Thank you and look forward to seeing you.