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What is a spiritualist church?

A Spiritualist Church is a meeting place for any one interested in Spiritualism. At Portland Spiritualist Church visiting mediums attend each sunday to give mediumistic evidence from spirit to loved ones here on earth to prove survival of the soul after death.

Do I need to follow any specific religion?

No, every one is welcome.

What is a Psychic or Medium?

I have been asked the question many times, ‘What is the difference between a PSYCHIC and a MEDIUM?’ So here is my interpretation.


A psychic works with the AURA and energies of a person and can pick-up from you such things as what you where doing at a given time, feelings, favourite colour, etc.

There is no link with SPIRIT.


A medium is a person who has a link directly with SPIRIT. It’s a bit like a radio signal being picked up by the medium. The medium ‘tunes in’ and that link is established between the two. The medium will give messages, proof of survival, from our loved ones who have gone home. Some mediums can see the loved one[s]. All can hear, sence and feel spirit around them. Believe it or not, everyone is psychic, but not everyone is mediumistic.

People sit in development circles to learn about spirit and how they can serve. The first time you get confirmation of a message you have given it is a really fantastic feeling!! Ask any budding medium.

Please feel free to email me if you agree or disagree. I only know how my path is taking me and what I have experienced, but there is nothing like it. There is NOTHING to be frightened of and as the saying goes ‘don’t knock it until you have tried it’.